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Anniversary (31 cards)
Happy Anniversary
Lucky To Have You As A Colleague
Precious Friendship Moments

Back to school (9 cards)
Always Fun Day...
Great Year Ahead!
Hoppy Good Time!

Graduation (5 cards)
A New Beginning
All Your Dreams Come True...
I Did It! - I Graduated!

New Baby (12 cards)
Good News
In The Spotlight - A New Baby
Congratulations On Your New Baby

New Car (4 cards)
I Have A New Car
I Have Some New Wheels!
Highway To Fun!

New Home (7 cards)
My Love House!
I Have A New Domicile
Check Our My New House

New Job (5 cards)
Congratulations On A Great Job
My Congratulations To You
Great Job And Great Teamwork

Wedding (6 cards)
Heartiest Congratulations
Happy Wedding Day
Wishing You Happiness To Last Forever

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